The Minimal Levels of Abstraction in the History of Modern Computing

Gobbo, Dr Federico and Benini, Dr Marco (2013) The Minimal Levels of Abstraction in the History of Modern Computing. [Preprint]

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From the advent of general-purpose, Turing-complete machines, the relation between operators, programmers, and users with computers can be seen in terms of interconnected informational organisms (inforgs) henceforth analysed with the method of levels of abstraction (LoAs), risen within the Philosophy of Informa- tion (PI). In this paper, the epistemological levellism proposed by L. Floridi in the PI to deal with LoAs will be formalised in constructive terms using category the- ory, so that information itself is treated as structure-preserving functions instead of Cartesian products. The milestones in the history of modern computing are then analysed via constructive levellism to show how the growth of system complexity lead to more and more information hiding.

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Keywords:Epistemological levellism, Constructive levellism, Philosophy of In- formation, Computational interconnected informational organisms. ACM class: K.2: History of Computing
Subjects:Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence
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