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    Essays on Scientific and Philosophical Understanding of Foundations of Information and Computation

    edited by Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic (Mälardalen University, Sweden) & Mark Burgin (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

    Information is a basic structure of the world, while computation is a process of the dynamic change of information. This book provides a cutting-edge view of world's leading authorities in fields where information and computation play a central role. It sketches the contours of the future landscape for the development of our understanding of information and computation, their mutual relationship and the role in cognition, informatics, biology, artificial intelligence, and information technology.

    This book is an utterly enjoyable and engaging read which gives readers an opportunity to understand and relate phenomena seemingly unrelated in a completely new light — especially the connections between information, computation, cognition and life.

    • Cybersemiotics and the Question of Knowledge (Søren Brier)
    • Information Dynamics in a Categorical Setting (Mark Burgin)
    • Mathematics as a Biological Process (G J Chaitin)
    • Information, Causation and Computation (John Collier)
    • From Descartes to Turing: The Computational Content of Supervenience (S Barry Cooper)
    • A Dialogue Concerning Two World Systems: Info-Computational vs Mechanistic (Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic & Vincent C Müller)
    • Does Computing Embrace Self-Organization? (Wolfgang Hofkirchner)
    • Analysis of Information and Computation in Physics Explains Cognitive Paradigms: From Full Cognition to Laplace Determinism to Statistical Determinism to Modern Approach (Vladik Kreinovich, Roberto Araiza & Juan Ferret)
    • Bodies — Both Informed and Transformed Embodied Computation and Information Processing (Bruce J MacLennan)
    • Computation on Information, Meaning and Representations: An Evolutionary Approach (Christophe Menant)
    • Interior Grounding, Reflection, and Self-Consciousness (Marvin Minsky)
    • A Molecular Dynamic Network: Minimal Properties and Evolutionary Implications (Walter Riofrio)
    • Super-recursive Features of Evolutionary Processes and the Models for Computational Evolution (Darko Roglic)
    • Towards a Modeling View of Computing (Oron Shagrir)
    • What's Information, for an Organism or Intelligent Machine? How can a Machine or Organism Mean? (Aaron Sloman)
    • Inconsistent Knowledge as a Natural Phenomenon: The Ranking of Reasonable Inferences as a Computational Approach to Naturally Inconsistent (Legal) Theories (Kees (CNJ) de Vey Mestdagh & Jaap Henk (JH) Hoepman)
    • On the Algorithmic Nature of the World (Hector Zenil & Jean-Paul Delahaye)
    Readership: Students and professionals in information and computation.
    528pp    Pub. date: Jun 2011  
    ISBN:   978-981-4295-47-5
       US$157 / £97


    528pp    Pub. date: Jun 2011  
    ISBN:   978-981-4295-48-2(ebook)



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