If the Mind then Behavior and ¬ Behavior

Laasonen, Ed.D Raimo Juhani (2007) If the Mind then Behavior and ¬ Behavior. (Unpublished)

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The book is a stroll through those subject matters I have considered worth of research. The targets vary but the focus is on the processes of the mind, and behaviors that join with it. There are some attempts of conceptualizations, and methodical tryouts to find probable causes assumed to exist in the mindamic or in the mind dynamic. However, to figure out of behavioral facts is not so rewarding a thing as one might expect at the first sight. As anybody wrestling with behavioral research, knows. Therefore, there lives hope to knockout some problems, at least. Inventions are rare, and discoveries several, probably, because a human being has been about the same during the last 120000 years or so but a sparkle smolders.

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Keywords:mindamic, process system, organizer, diffusion, absorption, assimilation, configuration, organized form, mental shape, initial form, empty process, probable causation, simulation, emulation
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