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Idealist Philosophy (Idealism)

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Idealist Philosophy: What is Real ? Conscious Experience Seen as Basic to All Ontology. An Overview

Collective Consciousness and Idealist Philosophy

Conscious Experience, Existence and Behaviour:Significance of Consciousness in Human Life

Cognition and Biological Evolution: An Idealist Approach Resolves a
Fundamental Paradox

Science and Spirituality

Printed Papers from CIRIP on Idealist Philosophy

An Alternative to Materialism: Converging Evidence from Nature Spirituality and Natural Science. Axel Randrup.
Cybernetics & Human Knowing 4, (4) 15-24, 1997.

Relations between three-dimensional, volumetric experiences, and neural processes: Limitations of materialism. Axel Randrup
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (4), 422, 2003

Collective and Egoless Consciousness. Axel A. Randrup.
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 18, (2) 133-137, 1999.

Collective Conscious Experience Across Time. Axel A. Randrup.
Anthropology of Consciousness, 13 (1) 27-41, 2002

Animal Mind as Approached by the Transpersonal Notion of Collective Conscious Experience. Axel Randrup
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 23, 32-45, 2004

More than One Truth: Consequences for Our World View. Axel Randrup.
In Research-in-Progress: Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol. IV, p.12 Ed. G. Lasker. Publ. by the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany,1997, ISBN 0921836-35-X.

The Perennial Philosophy. Axel Randrup.
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 22, 120-121, 2003

Meet the Reaearcher: Axel A. Randrup, Roskilde, Denmark.
A biography dealing mostly with the research of Axel Randrup on collective conscious experience, idealist philosophy, and spirituality.
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology 35 (1) 65-69, 2003.

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